Pottery Activity at the Cwmhiraeth Studio

is currently on hold while we get the

property sorted out for sale.

We don't plan to move very far away, and will set up a studio where ever we move to.




What Carol and Roger do in their studio in Cwmhiraeth, a hamlet in the Teifi Valley of West Wales.


This is Cwmhiraeth where Carol Young and Roger Guy-Young make pots and give pottery classes.


Left;a coiled     pot 4'6" tall,           a collaboration between Carol and Roger.


While we have usually worked independently of each other, recently we find ourselves frequently working in collaboration on single pieces.

Both of us make practical domestic pots and sculptural ceramics and each of us used a variety of clays from Porcelain to very gritty Crank.

 We employ a wide range of techniques from throwing* (*the use of a potter's wheel) through most hand building methods of construction and occasionally slip casting.


On Tuesday afternoons and evenings we hold regular classes, which you can either book 5-sessions in advance, or attend on an occasional 'Drop-in' basis.
 (see "coming events page" for details)

We also run occasional Raku Saturdays and can provide one or two day intensive courses on a wide range of ceramic techniques. We are also happy to tailor courses for particular groups.


Left: Slab built Porcelain tray with apple decoration in cobalt and copper slips and glazes with burnishing gold lustre. Carol Young

While we are both well informed professionals with a passion for pottery, our teaching style is informal and often humorous.

Right: Carol decorating a porcelain tray.



Because we enjoy introducing people to the creative possibilities of clay work, we are very happy to work with complete beginners.


One of Roger's favorite quotes from a student, at the end of an Intensive Throwing course was,

     "Roger; you're a very un-frightening teacher."

We think it's because of this, that he has gained a reputation as a throwing tutor who gets tremendous results from his students. "People can focus better on the task in hand when they feel secure and comfortable with their learning situation." 


Below: Porcelain domestic mugs and bowls; a collaboration between Roger And Carol.

To contact us    Phone: 01559 371189


Emails:-     guy-young.porcelain@virgin.net

          or    Carol@create-in-clay.com

          or    Roger@create-in-clay.com